Material Handling, Rack Inspections and Logistics

Material Handling, Rack Inspections and Logistics
Many companies are unaware that they have a failing pallet rack system, until it is too late. Pallet rack systems are highly scrutinized by OSHA, other federal agencies, and building inspectors, which can lead to heavy fines, costly repairs and damage if not up to code. These rack failures impact your bottom line, product, employees, and customers. We at Frost Engineering & Consulting want to keep these elements safe for you and your company.

The Frost Team cares about your company’s safety, facility, people and bottom line. Our engineers and technicians are committed to keeping your facility safe, and can provide you with:
  • Damage assessment, repair reviews, repair designs
  • ANSI Compliant Inspections & Labeling
  • Responses to OSHA inspection and reports
  • Load ratings & Certifications
  • Rack layout drawings
  • Asset Management

We develop repair priorities, assist and design repairs and identify high risk area or "hot spots”.

You may be thinking “we don’t have problems”, or “the rack system is performing fine”, however, we have witnessed dozens of customers saying the exact same things to themselves. In one recent instance, the facility had a rack failure and had to completely shut down production, and dispose of product. This failure happened during their peak season, which caused 8 weeks of downtime, and created loss of trust and reliability in their company.

Post failure and full facility inspections can be costly. As all of our clients can attest, regularly scheduled rack inspections, or phase inspections will help to budget facility asset costs, and avoid rack failures.

At Frost Engineering and Consulting, we want to assist in keeping your facility running and ensuring your bottom-line, safety, and customers are protected from any potential failures. Our clients and customers are loyal to us due to our reliability and promise of providing a safe and effective rack storage facility.